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"He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals." - Benjamin Franklin

Is Love an Essential History Research Tool?

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History contains every story developed since the beginning of time. Each era has its own stories. History is as old as the universe and as new as today. Each age holds huge amounts of information to analyze. Most of what we learn in school is based on historical information. The study of history about the past helps us to prevent making the same mistakes, to be prepared for future events and to make better new decisions. Watching World War II documentary movies, with their many historic events, makes us aware of what the results would be if we let another dictator rise to power. Studying historical price patterns of the stock market helps us to be better investors. If we spot a double bottom on a price chart, we know we are in a good position to buy stock. Knowing local weather history can help us develop natural disaster prevention plans and plans for emergency preparedness. If we get a weather report online and it shows hurricanes are likely to hit near our area during the spring time, we can stock up on canned foods, flashlights and batteries beforehand. Reviewing the personal history of our paychecks and bills by doing a home budget can reduce the chances of going broke unexpectedly and helps us make better decisions on our spending habits. If we use free spreadsheet software, such as OpenOffice, after entering monthly income and expenses, we would be able to "see" how our budget turned out in the recent past. Explaining to doctors our medical family history, helps them better serve us with appropriate medical treatments. Researching art history from periods of oppression could lead us to discover secret messages. For example, a lot of researchers speculate that Leonardo da Vinci's artwork holds many secrets. Filming a historical scene becomes more realistic if film crews have better knowledge of its history. If the crew learns that cowboys tended to tie horse reins to a rail, then spit on the ground before entering the saloon, they would definitely reenact those details. Pawn shop owners require knowledge of the history of the pawned items to determine their appraisal value. Otherwise, an apparently rare item might turn out to be just a replica. Many history events give us important information to be studied.

If we take another look at the history with which we are already well informed, but this time pay more attention to the details of love, will we find new information, clues, secrets and solutions that have been overlooked? Is love an essential history research tool? Let us look at an example from world history and see how love can be part of it. After my high school history teacher taught us about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, we learned that there were several suggestions as to why it fell. Since my teacher specialized in world history, I asked him what he believed actually caused the Roman Empire to fall. He said the bottom line was that a lack of love caused it to fall. His answer was short and simple, but it took me years to truly understand it. I was a young student with little knowledge of love. After I gained some knowledge of love through life experiences, mostly by trial and error, I finally got it. The whole empire became lawless, greedy, cruel to others, and filled with immoral activity. The basic structure of the family unit and army morale fell apart nationwide. History describes how the Roman Empire then became vulnerable to invasions and divisions. Without a strong foundation of true-good-love in the culture, the Roman Empire fell and the history of humankind was changed forever.

What is happening today in our country? What will future generations study in their history classes about today's era? How do we compare with the Roman Empire? If a historian or scientist had a way of gauging love at the national level, and we learned how to improve in that area, would we be better at preventing our country from falling? If we ignore love as an essential history research tool, we could be faced with unexplained failure and forced to come up with faulty solutions. Love can be used as an indicator for measuring the future health of our nation and preventing unwanted history from repeating itself. If we really care about our country, then love should be something on which we must focus our attention. There are many more types of history, such as social history, to be examined with an eye on love.

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